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The LAS 2019-20 Handbook is ready to view! The following notes are important reminders that are taken from this year's handbook. Please remember that this manual is updated annually and procedures are subject to change when the handbook is updated.

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Important Information:

Important Information:

Birthdays - A child's birthday is a family celebration. Instructional time is not to be used to "celebrate" a child's birthday. If you would like to send a birthday treat for your child's class, please make arrangements with her/his teacher prior to the date. Treats containing peanut or nut byproducts or excessive sugar will not be allowed in the classroom. Please check with your teacher prior to purchasing snacks for the classroom. Calls to the office on the day of the event will not be accepted. Children will be provided the treat during a non-instructional time (recess, lunch, dismissal). Balloons, presents etc. should be presented to the child at home. Please refrain from distributing birthday or party invitations at school unless the entire class is invited.

Fieldtrip Chaperones - All interested adults must attend the mandatory chaperone orientation, which is held at the start of the school year, during Parent Association meetings, or arranged with your child's teacher. Chaperones must be 18 years or older and may not bring children/siblings or any non-LAS students on field trips.  Selection of parent/guardian chaperones is ultimately based on teacher discretion. Adult chaperones are expected to supervise students as directed by the teacher. 

Health Services - The school will verify that students have complied with legal requirements for health examinations and immunizations before enrolling a student in school. If a student is missing any required immunizations, the student will not be permitted to attend school until complying with the state requirements. 

Lost and Found - Many articles become lost or are left unclaimed.  When personal belongings have a first and last name written on them, it makes it easier for school staff to locate the owner(s).  Any unclaimed items are stored in the designated Lost and Found item area. Please check in with office staff about the location. Items that are unclaimed may be donated to a local charity at the end of each week.

Parking Lot - Parents, volunteers and visitors are asked to follow the LAS staff guidance in parking lot procedures and park only in the front parking area. The side parking lot is reserved for staff only. Students are not to be dropped off in this area. Students are not to be dropped off in this area.

Student Council - Student Council promotes initiative and leadership among its members. The Student Council includes four executive officers (President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary) that are elected from fifth, sixth, seventh & eighth grade classrooms at the end of each school year. Student Council members are to be exemplary members of the student body and must abide by all Student Council member expectations, including their student grade point average. All Executive Officers and Classroom Representatives must meet the following criteria to maintain active membership on LAS Student Council: a) Consistent school attendance -No more than ten absences per school year; b) Grade Point Average of 2.5 or a report card average of 3; and c) Excellent behavior record -No suspensions, expulsions or serious offenses. In addition, the entire Council includes representatives for each classroom from third through eighth grades. It is the duty of the representatives to bring to the council's attention items of business from their classmates and to report the actions of the council. Students are encouraged to become involved in Student Council.

Telephone Use - When a student is not able to use their classroom telephone, the student may use the office phone for emergency use only. The office staff will make all necessary calls home when a child is ill. All after school arrangements should be made prior to arriving to school.
Electronic Devices -  Students' are not allowed to use personal electronic devices including but not limited to cellular/digital telephones, iPods, iPads, cameras, and laptop computers, during core day  or at school wide functions. If a student is in the possession of such devices, these electronic devices should remain off during the entire time the student is on campus. If a student uses an electronic device while on campus, without authorization from a LAS staff member, the device will be removed from his/her possession and the student's parent/guardian will need to personally pick up the confiscated electronic device at a designated time.  

Medications - The school recognizes that students may have special medical needs. Education Code 49407 outlines conditions for administering medications at school during the time the student is under the supervision of school personnel. Medications can only be given by LAS staff if there are written instructions from a medical doctor and permission from the parent/guardian (parent/guardian may obtain a Medication Authorization Form in the Main Office). Written instruction and permission must be renewed at the start of each school year. Medication must be labeled and in the original pharmacy container. Specific guidelines must be followed for students to use medication at school. Students should not bring or carry medication of any kind to school, including cough drops or vitamins.

Independent Study -  An independent study contract must be requested a minimum of two weeks prior to a planned absence so that teachers can prepare materials for the student. Independent Study Contracts will not be approved during testing season unless it is an emergency. Please ensure that you have checked with the office PRIOR to purchasing travel arrangements. The contract must be completed, signed and dated BEFORE the student leaves on Independent Study. 
The criteria for approval for most independent study requests include:  Student is at grade level or above; there is an acceptable reason for requesting the independent study and there is evidence that the student will complete assignments. This program requires a contract signed by the parent, student, teacher and administrator. The contract specifies the amount of work to be completed, when the work will be turned in to the assigned teacher, and how the work will be evaluated  Independent Study Contract Request forms are available through your child's teacher.  Students who do not return at the designated date of return or do not complete their required assignments will have all independent study days convert to unexcused absences and will be referred to the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB).

Messages and Deliveries - Please have students assume responsibility for remembering lunches, school items, and homework.  Plans for after school pickup arrangements should be made in advance as students will not be allowed to use the school phone unless it is an emergency.  The office will NOT deliver a message to a student except in cases of an actual emergency. The office will not deliver bags or homework to students who have forgotten these at home.  Students are responsible for bringing all necessary materials with them to school.   
Phone calls for teachers will NOT be transferred into their classroom during instructional time. Instead, the call will be transferred to the teacher's voicemail.  

Personal Property - Students are to keep valuable, sentimental, and expensive items at home unless specifically approved by parent or guardian to be at school. Dangerous or illegal articles are strictly prohibited on campus. IPods, cell phones and electronic items may not be used during school hours. All toys and personal items, including playground equipment such as basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, etc., should be left at home. These items will be confiscated from students and returned only to the parent/guardian. The school is not responsible for loss or damage to any of these articles, including iPod, cellphones, and/or electronic devices that students may store in their backpacks during the school day. If a child is uncertain whether or not an item may be brought to school, s/he should check with the school office. The list below includes, but is not limited to, items that may not be brought to school.

Supervision - Playground and cafeteria supervision begin at 7:40 a.m. Students should not arrive earlier than 7:40 a.m. If students are dropped off before that time, parents will be contacted and asked to make arrangements that will support LAS' supervision schedule.