Goals & Benefits

Our Goals:

  • To provide our students with the tools necessary to become competent, self-motivated,life long learners.

  • To develop high levels of academic proficiency in Spanish and English.

  • To develop self-confidence and cross-cultural understanding.

  • To foster a strong sense of responsibility to help others and contribute to the community.

  • To deliver student-centered instruction based on California State Standards so that students learn key concepts and master skills.

  • To provide opportunities for parent participation and educational planning with children and teachers.

Program Benefits:

  • Develop fluency in Spanish and in English.

  • Develop greater cognitive thinking skills.

  • Learn in an ethnically, culturally and linguistically integrated environment.

  • Engage in activities that promote cooperation and social interaction.

  • Appreciate and respect diversity while developing sensitivity towards other people and cultures.

  • Prepare for advanced language classes in high school and college.

  • Prepare for International Baccalaureate (IB).

  • Prepare to earn college credits through Advanced Placement language exams.

  • Have access to a wide range of employment opportunities
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