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Academic Results

LAS - A Comparative Look: State, District and Neighborhood Schools

LAS Facts

Academic Highlights:
  • Congruent to dual immersion research, LAS 8th grade students historically achieve at comparable and/or higher levels than the neighborhood district and the State of California peer group in English, while simultaneously learning Spanish.
  • LAS 2015 Cohort for Grades 5-7 Standards Met or Exceeded in ELA and Math: Twenty-three (23) out of 26 comparative categories or 88%, showed cohort growth in achievement with CAASPP 2016 data.
  • LAS’ educational model provides the area high schools with the only students prepared to enroll in Advanced Placement foreign language courses. 

State of California Dashboard:

LAS received the following marks:

  1. Suspension Rate = Blue (highest)
  2. English Learner Progress = Green
  3. English Language Arts (3-8) = Yellow
  4. Mathematics (3-8) = Yellow

*LAS did not receive any “Red” or “Orange” overall performance marks.

Overall, LAS has shown consistent, incremental growth towards its schoolwide goals. Although there are definite areas for improvement, it is evident that the LAS community: governance team, leadership team, academic team, schoolwide support team, families and students continues to work together to refine and implement agreed upon actions to increase achievement for all students.
STATE API (Based on STAR State Assessment Data)

STATE API (Based on STAR State Assessment Data)


API Growth 2005-2013