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Information as of: 2021-2022

Currently, we have 614 students enrolled in grades transitional kinder through eighth grade. Given our specialized program, we draw students from all over Sacramento, San Juan and Elk Grove Districts.  According to 2022 data, LAS demographic data constitutes 74% Socioeconomically Disadvantaged and 46% of our students are English Learners. This population is historically under-served in all academic and enrichment areas.  However, students at the Language Academy of Sacramento possess language, leadership and cultural skills that uniquely prepare them to not only graduate from high school ready to enter college, but also to enter a competitive workforce in need of bilingual leaders.
Total Enrollment TK-8th 614 students Ethnicities %
Socioeconomically Disadvantaged 74% Latino 94%
English Learners 46% Black/African-American 2%
Special Education 11% White 3%
Female 51% Other 1%
Male 49%